Oct 12, 2011

On safari

Since we are here we are only having blue sky, sunshine and the Indian heat. Trinking coconuts became a habit.
On our trip we passed Ooty a hill station in mountains close to Coimbatore. Never thought, that clouds, mist and chilly climate can be so nice.

We passed the hill top and went down Mundamalai nature reservoir dedicated to spot the Indian tiger.To our suprise the Safari vehicle was an entire bus and only the last row was left with seats for us. It was a real bumpi jumpi ride and the diesel motor rowed to its limits. At the end we were not sure if slogan at the front shield of the bus “Animal sighting is a matter of luck – Silence please while sighting animals “ was true or only to calm down participants for disappointments.

We stayed in the wilderness at the forest ranger guesthouse.
The jungle night came with all it noises. We heard elephants trumpeting. But in the morning we found out it were the brakes of the trucks and busses passing along the road. No worries at the end we saw them all: elephants, red deers, peacocks, bisons, egal, a jeopardy and even more deers. Bu the tiger kept hiding.

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