Oct 18, 2011

Honor to talk Prof. Dr. Kalam

All three of us were really impressed how Siruthuli celebrated the 80th birthday of Dr Kalam.

The program was a good combination of celebrating and making environmental statements.

The Ex-president of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, was welcomed by dancing girls and guided to a spot where he planted the 80.000th tree in Coimbatore area. Simultaneously to his cut with the spate further 80 trees were planted, - the foundation of the Dr. Kalam forest as stated on the plaque which were uncovered. Unbelievable between interviews with journalists, talks to school kids and green guardians we had the honour to talk to him.

He was seated on a swing a symbol for happiness in India. During gift giving a famous singer presented a song specially composed for him accompanied by traditional dances.

At the end Dr. Abdul Kalam made a very encouraging speech to all the school children reminding them about their responsibility for a better life and better environment for them and their community, for India and the world.

During the birthday lunch the three of us got surrounded by a class of school boys, which became so exited, and made us feel like movie stars. Everybody wanted a picture with us. We gave autographs and signed invitation letters, school books and in case of paper shortage real hands.

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