Oct 6, 2011

Hard to get figures

Time is passing quickly. We are busy with discovering the as is situation, by doing interviews and field trips.

To gain a clear understanding is somehow tricky since opposite question can lead to the same answer. We realized it is better to ask What, Where, Why, When How questions instead of Yes and No question. Answers and especially numbers and figures are tending to vary. And with a lack of vocabulary, various accents, unfamiliarity of the Indian culture and heat around 38 degrees Celsius it is just hard. We are all a little bit exhausted.

At the moment a religious festival is going on. It is a 9 day Puja, the festival of dolls. Three goddesses are worshiped. The first three days were for the goodness of knowledge and we had a Puja in our office. The office rooms, the working books, the expedition vehicles and our computers got blessed. Hoping we will get the correct facts and figures together to be able to give the right recommendations. Let’s try and see.

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