Sep 30, 2011

Reviewing and adjusting our statement of work

Prior to coming to Coimbatore we received a statement of work outlining the activities and the deliverables related our project. Next to that Siruthuli had also sent us a draft report in which the steps needed for rejuvenating the Valankulam tank were listed. Siruthuli, together with some 25 other NGOs was asked to submit an advice to the collector (a government official, basically running the city) on how the pollution in the Valankulam tank could be taken care of. Government funds may be allocated based on that advice. We now suggested to create a high-level strategic plan on how the wastewater streams around Valankulam tank need to be directed and/or treated. Vanitha agreed with our suggestion, so that we will probably be able to finalize our statement of work today.
Any contacts or suggestions regarding our revised topic will be highly appreciated!


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