Sep 27, 2011

About Siruthuli

That is us: from right to left: Saken from IBM US, Vanitha, managing trustee Siruthuli, Lisa from IBM Netherlands, Mr. Mylswami project coordinator Siruthuli, and Cordula from IBM Germany.

Siruthuli was founded into 2003 due to poor water situation in Coimbatore. The Noyyal river was almost lost. The 1000 year old water tanks (artificial lakes), which were formally used to irrigate fields were degenerated to dumpsites. The ground water level was down to 1000 feet. The normal wells contained less and less water. The city became dependent on bore wells.

Siruthuli’s first mission was to bring the ground water level back up. To achieve this goal one of their initiatives was to revive the historic water tank systems. Siruthuli revivalized 9 water tanks and the cross linking channels which lead water from the Noyyal river to and between the tanks. (For further activities by Siruthuli please visit their webpage:

Over the time a new problem emerged. Coimbatore is no longer a village but a city of 1.5 million. Today’s drainage system only covers 30% of the sewage water. Most of the household, factory and hospital sewage goes directly into the tanks and from the tanks into the ground water. Valankumlam tank is the most polluted tank and on top the water hyacinth are growing heavily on the water surface.

Are the sewage water and the growth of the water hyacinth related?


  1. Is the pollution known? So... Are always he same pollution items existing and is the growth of the water hyacint always the same? I'm asking, as there might be different times a year different pieces polluting and therefore different kinds of situations on which the water hyacinth is reacting. If you find out what makes growth slower, you could focus on identifying first ways to reduce the other pollution items.

  2. Another suggestion is, if the pollution comes from certain parts of the tank or certain companies next to the tank, then a few situation could be explored.

    1) your suggestion of deploying a cleaning facility or unit
    2) build of a collection place and pipeline to bring the wastewater away from this tank. This could be also a part of the tank.
    3) explore if dried water hyacinth can be used to filter waste water. Then this could be a combination of 2) and 3)

  3. Dear Vanitha
    would like to meet you
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  4. Dear Vanita Madam,

    Let me give my introduction first. I am K M Venkatraman, a retired Bank employee, saddled with the post of Vice President Vadavalli Arun Nagar Residents' Association, (VANRA). There are two reserved sites in our area which we wish to develop as mini forests adopting th technique of Shubendu Sharma - see vdeo clip. Would like your blessings and help us find corporate sponsors for the same.

    Yours respectfully,

    K M Venkatraman