Sep 29, 2011

1. Field trip: dump site & sewage

A project of Siruthuli: Waste get watered with EM solution before dumped on the dump site. With help of Effective Microorganisms (EM) waste rottens quicker.
Next generation grassland? Hope not. Actually due to EM technology it doesn’t smell very badly.

The lagoon next to the dump site. From here the sewage water of Coimbatore gets pumped up to the lagoon. Another ongoing project of Siruthuli: Siruthuli treats the sewage water regularly with Microbes, before it is being used to water the surrounding trees.

Open drainage system. Very problematic!!! Since nobody can control the let-ins of industrial wastewater.
Sewage collecting point from here the sewage water gets pumped up to the Lagoon, or hopefully soon to the new sewage treatment plant (opened Jan 2011)
The sewage treatment plant, unfortunately only 30% of Coimbatore’s sewage water is connected via the drainage system to the treatment plant.

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